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“Blue waffle,” or “blue waffle disease,” is many things, but really is not one of them. It is an urban legend, a myth, a tall tale, a rumor, a hoax, etc. about a fictional sexually transmitted infection (STI). If you do an image search, you’ll find (fake) pictures of blue waffle on the Internet. The blue refers to one of the alleged symptoms, and waffle is slang for vagina. Other supposed symptoms of blue waffle vary depending on the source and so does how it’s spread, all of the details changing over time like a giant game of telephone. One reason the blue waffle myth may have spread so quickly is that of the fear and confusion surrounding STIs and sexual health.
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Symptoms associated with the imaginary blue waffle are reminiscent to symptoms of existing conditions or STIs. For example, a red or irritated vagina or vulva, smelly discharge, and itching or burning could all be signs of bacterial vaginosis (or vaginitis). Sores and lesions? Now it sounds more like herpes. Why blue? Perhaps this can be explained by the darker color of the clitoris and inner lips when increased blood flow due to arousal occurs in some women. Or perhaps a darker bluish color could be caused by a yeast infection or chronic irritation of the vulva, known as Lichen simplex.
One common variation on the blue waffle myth is that it is an STI that passes exclusively from females to males and can be caused by improper hygiene. Perhaps this seems somewhat indicative of our society’s tendency to blame, objectify, and vilify women.Unprotected sex and improper hygiene is the main cause for blue waffle disease. Weakened immunity is also another reason for getting this infection. This parasitic infection can affect men who are not practicing safe sex and those who are using unsanitary tools for masturbating. Women and men who are in the habit of wearing tight underwear can also get blue waffle disease. It is not good to wash the undergarments in hard soap solution or harsh chemicals. It is very much necessary for women to keep their vagina clean after every sexual intercourse. You have more chance of getting infected when you have injured skin on the vagina or cut inside. The infection can easily spread from your partner to your genitals.Women who are involved in prostitution and those who are having multiple sex partners are at more risk of getting blue waffle disease than others. Those who are not keeping their vagina clean or using unsanitary napkins can also get this infection. Avoid sharing sex toys with others even if they are close to you. Contaminated sex toys can easily cause this infection. Bacteria will survive only if there is moisture and unhygienic ground inside. Hence you should keep your genitals completely dry (moisture-free) and clean by changing pads frequently.It is possible to prevent blue waffle disease if you are playing safe sex. Make sure that you are cleaning the vagina after every sexual act to keep it dry. Do not use unclean or cheap sanitary pads which can cause infection. It is better to have sex with your partner only instead of inviting trouble through strangers.Eat healthy foods and sleep well so that your immune system will automatically get increased. A balanced immunity will prevent blue waffle disease. Do not ignore the symptoms of vaginal itching, dryness or foul smelling discharge. Get it tested with your doctor to take preventive medications. Avoid having sexual intercourse with unknown persons who can transmit the infection easily. It is unsafe to have oral sex with men who are already infected.

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