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Letras de Canciones de Frankie J
Artista: Frankie J
Album: What's a man to do
Cancion: What´s a man to do
Ayo...you see I got a lil situation right...
You see my shorty she be trippin´ sometimes...
And I´m fittin to let ya´ll know what it´s all about

Ayo...listen to my story
Yeah, yeah...come on...uh..

[Verse 1]
Well it all started on a late night creepin...
I planned my getaway
Cause my shorty she was trippin
Just trying to get out
Breathe a lil different air
If you know what I mean yeah..

So as I´m jumping out the window of my room...
I hear my homies calling out
They´re on the move
Driving Escalades and Hummers with them blades
Hiding behind shades, ready on their way..yeah..
It´s how we roll...
So as we driving, we ended up on the strip
We see some hunnies and damn!
I just began to flip..
Cause this shorty she be staring straight at me
This sexy fine lady..she be callin me now...

What´s a man to do
When situations like these come to you ..damn
What´s a man to say..
When shorty´s just drivin you insane..
What´s a man to do..
When you and your girl
Just can´t pull through...damn..
What´s a man to say..
When everything just ain´t the same...

[Verse 2]
See I´m trying to find a way out of this misery
Cause only God knows this is not the way I be
I´m just too young to be stressin this ain´t right for me
So she better act up
Or I´m gonna straight up and leave...
This is not the first time
That we go through this...
It´s ´bout the second, third, fourth maybe even fifth
And I´ve been trying to work it out
Only with you babe...
So listen close ´cause not all men are the same...

So what´s a man gotta do
So we work this
I´ve just about tried almost everything I can
So let me learn you something
And you better learn right quick
Girl get yo act together
Or I´m about to have a fit...


Come on...can you feel me...yeah..that´s right

[Chorus repeat till fade]
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