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Letras de Canciones de Game
Artista: Game
Album: The Documentary
Cancion: Runninī
Got to live for today cause tomorrow ainīt promised to me
Donīt just want a piece I want my whole destiny
(If you got it)
Iīm gone take it
(If youīre in it)
Youīre coming with me
(Bench warmers)
Get no playing time
(No sleeping)
Till I cross the line
Iīm runninī

[The Game]
With 99 miles left, on the Avis rental car
blowing horns like Miles Davis at the pearly gate
God let me in
Give me a room by Aaliyah with ESPN
I know I got more sins than two lesbians
Been back and forth across the border like Mexicans
But (Iīm runninī) like New York pedestrians
Trying not to scuff my Nike Air checks again
Itīs funny how niggaz be the best of friends
And fall out over pussy and wanna dead they man
One of my niggaz in the grave the other one in the pin
She fuckin my enemies inside my homeboys Benz
Now she beggin Godīs mercy cause she ainīt listen to Nas
And never heard about Ike and the Iverson jersey
He got a cousin named Jason that rock the Gary Payton
Now the same trifling bitch is a HIV patient
True story


[Tony Yayo]
If I get knocked with my blunt nigga Iīm runninī
If I catch a murder one nigga Iīm runninī
Homicide come around and they keep on coming
Thatīs why Iīm out of state and I keep on runninī
I ainīt Nelly but my desert eagles on girl
Just dropped bail traveling the world
When I sign my deal I said fuck jail
I went on tour to Barcelona and Brazil
This shit real fuck an appeal
Dīs want my head like that bitch in Kill Bill
Sling dope sling crack and them e pills
Thatīs why Iīm on the low like a dead navy seals
Iīm runninī


Cause I gotta pack them shows
And Dre told me ainīt no coming back from Go
So I gotta get my album in place
My G-Unit features
My Eminem sixteens
My Dr. Dre beats
And it was two years from today when I started rhyming
And took my demo to Suge and he ainīt sign me
Niggaz threatening my life like itīs hard to find me
See me shining in the hood like twenty inch Lexanis
My mom said Iīm hard head
I donīt follow the rules
Why should I when Reebok giving niggaz they own shoes
And Iīm dealing with the same problems 50 Cent got
Yayo in jail and they think Iīm trying to take his spot
Iīm in the studio laughing at Chris Rock
Then I turn on MTV and see Soulja Slim shot
And niggaz trying to gun me down in the rim shop
Cause I just want the same recognition that the crypts got
They say Iīm the next in line and if I get shot
Then I go out as the Bobby Fischer of hip hop
Make yo chest move
Sylvia Rome and Kevin Lyle slept cool
Jimmy Iovine was the best move
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