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Letras de Canciones de Game
Artista: Game
Album: Untold Story Volume II
Cancion: Walk thru the sky
[The Game]
Open your eyes, we in a new era
Less drama more unity, everything´s lookin a lil´ clearer
Like a face in the mirror karma
It was right before our eyes, facin the future I cried
No more Martin Luther shots, from off the words from Malcolm
Tunes from Jimi, it´s sad but you gotta hear me
All praises due to the mighty Allah, God forgive me
I´ve been through it, but it´s not all bad in me
A young kid tryin to change his ways
Every day a lil´ closer, show him the light let him pave the way
Gotta see my grave someday, no more cheddar, some pictures
Grandma I´m comin to spend forever wit´cha, I miss ya
No more Sunday dinners, wish you could see your grandson now
Got bigger, all grown now
Got a daughter think she grown now, just started walkin
Just started talkin, she can potty on her own now
Life is good, memories are better
We all gotta go, I know it´s cold grab a sweater
We can take that ride together, cry whatever, die whatever
Walk through the sky together, huh
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