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Letras de Canciones de Rod Stewart
Artista: Rod Stewart
Album: Out Of Order
Cancion: Try a little tenderness
I may get weary
Women do get weary
Wearing the same shabby dress
But to one who´s weary
Try a little tenderness

She may be waiting
Just anticipating
All of the things
She may never possess
But while she´s waiting
Try a little tenderness

I may be sentimental
But i´ve had my griefs
And my cares
And just a good word
Soft and gentle
Makes it, makes it
So much easier to bear

She might forget it
Oh but don´t let her forget it
Love´s got a whole
A whole happiness
´cause it´s so easy
Try a little tenderness

Oh it´s so very easy
It´s so very easy
Try a little
Try a little
Try a little
Try a little
Try a little

Try a little, try a little
Won´t you
´cause it´s so very easy
So very easy
Won´t you try
Yes, I´ll try
Try a little tender -
Tender -
I´ll try a little tenderness
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