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Lista de trucos de juegos de pc

A 10 Cuba A 10 Tank Killer
A Sangre Fria Abandoned Places
Abomination: The Nemesis Project Absolute Zero
Abuse Achtung Spitfire
Actua Soccer Actua Tennis
After the war Age of Empires II: The Conquerors
Age of Sail 2 Age Of Wonders 2: The Wizard´s Throne
Aiken´s Artifact Alerta Roja
Apache Longbow 2 Aquanoid
Archimedean Dynasty Arkanoid
Arma Letal Armored Fist
Armored Fist 2 ATF
Atomino Axis
B-Hunter Baby Jo in Going Home
BackTrack Backyard Soccer
Ball Bananoid
Batman Returns Battle Arena Toshiden
Battle Chess Beach Head
Black and White Blackthorne
Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain Blue Force
Braveheart Brutal Paws Of Fury
Budokan Bug Riders
Business Tycoon Cadillacs And Dinosaurs
Caesar 2 Carnivores
Catfight Chaos Engine
Chase HQ Chicken Run
Cleopatra Civilization 2
Codename Eagle Clandestinity
Close Combat 2 Colin McRae Rally
Comanche Comix Zone
Conquest Earth Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines
Crime Cities Cyclemania
D-Day Dark Ages
Dark Rift Dark Sun
Darkstone Death Rally
Deathdrome Deathkarz
Deep Sea Trophy Fishing Deer Hunt Challenge
Defender Of The Crown Destroyer 4
Deus Dino Crisis
Dethkarz Dominion Storm Over Gift 3
Deus Devil Inside
Doctor Who Dalek Attack Donald In Cold Shadow
Dragon Scape Dreamweb
Dungeon Keeper 2 Ducati World Racing Challenge
Duke Nukem: Plutonium Pack Dungeon Siege
Dynasty Wars E-Motion
E-Swat Earthsiege 2
Economic War ELF
Elite Elvira 2 The Jaws Of Cerberus
Enchantasy Epic
Epic Pinball Eradicator
Eternam Excalibur 2555 AD
Evidence Excessive Speed
Exolon Eye Of The Beholder 3
F-15 Strike Eagle 2 F-19 Stealth Fighter
F-22 Lighthing 2 F-22 Lightning 3
F-29 Retaliator Fade To Black
Falcon 3.0 Fallen Haven
Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel Frogger
FX Fighter FIFA 2003
Fire Fight Fuzzy´s World Minigolf
Gearhead Garage Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Gods Gold Runner
Grand Prix Circuit Grand Prix Manager 2
Gremlins 2 Guy Spy
Halloween Harry Heist
Have a N.I.C.E. Day Heist
House of the Dead Hyper 3d Pinball
Highway Hunter Hyper 3d Pinball
Hyperblade Incubation
Indiana Jones y la Última Cruzada Industry Giant
Inmortal Interstate 76
Jack Nicklaus 5 Jet Fighter 3
Jet Strike Jungle Strike
Jet Strike Jurassic Park
Kaeon Killing Time
Krypton Egg Kings Of The Beach
Klax Krypton Egg
Last Mission La Abadia del Crimen
Leadfoot Lucky Luke
Legends of Valour LEGO Loco
Leisure Suit Larry 3 M.A.X.
M.A.X. 2 Machiavelli The Prince
Madden 97 Maelstrom
Mafia Magic Carpet
Magic Carpet 2 Magic Pockets
Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom
Master of Orion II MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries
Mega Man X4 Megaphoenix
Metal Mutant Mobile Forces
Moto Racer GP Mutant Zone
Muzzle Velocity N.I.C.E. 2
Nam Narco Police
NASCAR Racing NBA Hang Time
NBA Live 2000 Necrodome
Need For Speed Nevermind
No One Lives Forever 2 Nova 9
O.D.T. Oh No, More Lemmings!
One Must Fall 2097 Operation Wolf
Outer Ridge P-47
Pac-Man: Adventures in Time Pacific General
Paganitzu Pax Corpus
PC Atletismo 2000 Pipemanía
Postal Powerslide
Prince of Persia Push - Over
Quake 3 Arena Quarantine
Railroad Tycoon 2 Rally Cross
Rayman Real War: Rogue States
Red Faction Redneck Rampage
Redneck Rampage Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Rick Dangerous Rise of the Robots
Rival Realms Robocop 1
Rollcage 2 Robot Wars
Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 2 Rogue Squadron
S.W.I.N.E Saboteur Ninja 2
Sand Storm Sandwarriors
Satan Small Soldiers
Star Trek: Starfleet Command 2 Star Wars: Pit Droids
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Syndicate
Terminal Velocity Test Drive 5
Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon Touring Car Championship
Tribal Rage Tropico
Tryrian U. S. Navy Fighters 97
UFO Ulises
Ultima 6 Ultimate Soccer Manager 98
USAF Vaxine
Vigilance Virus: The Game
Wacky Wheels Wake Of The Ravager
War Breeds Warcomander
Warhammer 40000: Final Liberation Warlords: Battlecry
WarWind Wetlands
Whizz Witchaven
World War 2 GI Wrath Of Earth
X-COM: Interceptor X-Wing
XS Xargon
Xybots Yo! Joe!
Yoda Stories Z-Out
Zapitalism Deluxe Zoo Tycoon: Marine Mania
Zool 2 Zork Nemesis

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